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 Character Profile : Maximus Hiwanaka

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile : Maximus Hiwanaka   Character Profile : Maximus Hiwanaka I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2008 11:48 pm

The profile has been moved to 'Accepted Characters' , thankyou and have a nice day!


[Sorry, I had to repost it.]
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Character Profile : Maximus Hiwanaka Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Profile : Maximus Hiwanaka   Character Profile : Maximus Hiwanaka I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2008 11:24 pm

Name: Maximus Hiwanaka

Nickname: Max

Age: 19

Relitives/Family: as far as max is concerned he has no family, his mother abaonded him as a baby she was found a monthe later raped and murdered in the town square
Agatha(caretaker her consideres her a mother)
Red and Sasha(two orphans he care takes, considers them kid sibbligns even somtimes children of his own)

Hometown: backstreets of market place.

straight white hair that reaches to his shoulders, hot pink colored eyes, pale skin and large gray wings with hints of brown feathers, tall, slender.

Special Abilities:
mindcasting, lockpicking, pickpockting.

Weapons: prefers a broad type sword.
But he carries around a simple katana.

Magical Abilities: elemental. many skills and tequeniqes agatha tought him.

Bio: Maximus was abandoned as a baby by his mother.
he survived as logn as he did b.c an old woman named agatha found him in an ally, she raised hi mand cared for him as if he were her own..sadly at the age of 9 maximus's kind care taker past away, old age had finally gotten to her at the age of day maximus wandered off away from town, as night fell he had been attacked by zombies, he escaped by sheer luck.
He found himself drifting through the cave lost and confused, hours past as did his hunger but he carried on through the cave alast he had not the courage nor the strengh to go on.
He finally collapsed of exgsaution.
'Awaken young judge make your way closer to me.'
"huh? whos there?"
'Rise, and continue on.'
with that Maximus stood and resumed his aimless walking...
as he turned a corner there stood a door. nothign special on it just a simple wooden door with a brass doorknob.
He walked through the door, to behold a beautiful sight.
'you have arrived my young judge, now come foward i will lend you my gifts so you in time may venquish what is to come in your future.'
"who, who are you?" Maximus asked frail and to tired to think.
'i am the one who shall help you bring Hyrule back to peace..'
a cold shill filled the air.
'but for this to happen you must know longer have mortal ties, i shall unlock your true self and lend you MY gift to you.'
just then an apperition began to form infront of him, her silver hair gleaming in the non-existant light of the cave, her face looked young and beautifull her green eyes lush as emeralds.
Her hand came to my face, and with that a blue light began to surround his body, but a searing pain came to his left arm, he looked at it in a painfull awe, hundreds of ancient symbols wrapped them selves onto him burnign there mark.
The pain along with the light faded, there was no sign of burns on his person.
'You were destined for will save this decaying world, but fret not you will not be alone there are others who will accompany you on your journey who also bear the mark of judge.'
Maximus collapsed. 'For now rest young judge..'
When he awoke he laid on the bed of his departed agatha.
.He grew large wings that fortunatly for him stopped growing at the age of 15.
Now he lives on the streets of the hyrule market care taking to orphans
Sasha and Ren, he awaits the day his mission begins...

other:is very carefree and a lover of treasures of hyrule.
favorite: Apple's and many assortments of fruits
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Character Profile : Maximus Hiwanaka
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