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 Character Profiles, How to make them and More!

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PostSubject: Character Profiles, How to make them and More!   Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:08 am

Just because I've seen so many people have a hard time with this, I'll make another little walkthrough for it.

Character Profiles are mandatory [yes, that means you have to make one.] so that other can get an understanding of what you are and how the story will unfold with you around.

How to make them:

Scroll down to Characters and go to Character Creation.

Once you do that, go look at the basics of what one must consist of. [as in Name, Age, Bio, etc.]

Now here is something I need you to know; you should NOT reply to the basic topic, you must create NEW TOPIC! which is a button ontop of the page in the forum.

Once you have everything set up, just go ahead and fill out the character form, adding details if possible and a picture of your person.

After that your all done, just post and wait to be accpeted.
[After acceptence your free to roleplay and anything else.]

Any more questions? PM me and I'll answer them.

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Character Profiles, How to make them and More!
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