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 Tact's a Killer?; Arrested!

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Tact's a Killer?; Arrested! Empty
PostSubject: Tact's a Killer?; Arrested!   Tact's a Killer?; Arrested! I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 2:41 pm

Tact walked swiftly through Hyrule Field, near the Royal Plains that surrounded the moat to Castle Town. He kept hearing footsteps behind him, but whenever he turned around he didin't see anyone there.

He nursed the now black left eye he had recieved from Taylken. "Christ, that girl can throw a punch..."

He continued walking under the night sky before sitting down, deciding to make a fire and call it a night. He took out some small pieces of flint from his satchel, gathered some wood, and sat down. He rubbed the flint together over the wood and a flame soon erupted. Embracing the warmth of the fire, he looked up at the moon.

"Maybe... I shouldn't have left..." He spoke softly to himself," I should've just apolo-- OWW FUCK!!!" He screamed. He looked down to his waist to see an arrow lodged deep in his waist. A firm hand grabbed him under the armpit and yelled, " Got'im!" Tact tried to fight back but the arrow must have been coated with some kind of toxin because his muscles had given out on him.

"Oi! Where in bloody hell did he get the Master Sword?!" ANother voice yelled back.

Everything else began to fade out as Tact lost concousness....


Tact awoke in a cramped jail Cell. He had been stripped of most of his clothes, and a large bandage covered the Arrow wound from before. He must've been out for some time because the sun was already at high noon.

"Tact Eirghiez," A guard spoke from outside the cell, "You have been arrested for the murder of 4 male Gerudo Soldiers in the business district of Castle Town. Your'e execution will take place tomorrow at 18:00 hours."

"Wh- What?!" Tact yelled, weakly however, "I haven't killed anyone!"

[[ Haha. This reminds me of that one song "Cop Killa"]]
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Tact's a Killer?; Arrested!
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