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Roleplay for The Legend of Zelda.
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 Charcter Profile: Tact Eirghiez

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PostSubject: Charcter Profile: Tact Eirghiez   Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:48 pm

Name:Tact Eirghiez (Eer-Geez)

Nickname: None


Relitives/Family:Orphaned at a young age, has no known family

Hometown:None, But spends most of his time in Hyrule Castle Town.


Blue hair, covered by a red bandana. about 5'6, 128 lb, and lylac eyes. His muscles are toned, but he's not "Buff" in any sense.

Special Abilities: Thievery, Very agile, and persuasive at times.

Weapons: He usually wields a one-handed smallsword, but at times a strange scythe will appear in his hands...

Magical Abilities: Can use basic elemental offensive spells, but he prefers physical attacks.

Bio: Tact Eirghiez was found laying in the moat of Hyrule Castle, practically dead as a baby. The Orphanage took him in and sheltered him until he was about 10 years old when the orphanage was burn't down in a fire set by the Gerudo Bandits. He now makes his living from thievery, stealing from those who are possesed by greed.

But lately, Strange things have been happening to Tact. Out of the Norm dreams and a strange man in a black cloak telling him to "Wake Up" have been haunting him. He longs to find out why these things are happening, and perhaps unlock some of the keys to his own past...

Other: [Optional.]
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PostSubject: Re: Charcter Profile: Tact Eirghiez   Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:20 pm

[Now that the profile has been accepted it's been moved to 'Accepted Characters', have a nice day!]

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Charcter Profile: Tact Eirghiez
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