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Roleplay for The Legend of Zelda.
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 Home to Zora's Domain

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PostSubject: Home to Zora's Domain   Home to Zora's Domain I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 02, 2008 7:32 pm

[[Wow, it's been a bit.]]


Taylken, arrogant as she is when it came to her enemies couldn't help but admit that her plans of revenge weren't the big picture anymore. After her meeting with Sage Ruto, who was she to deny that perhaps her journey was a bit more then she intended. The boy who held the sacred sword may just be the key to awakening the sages, and weather she liked it or not she'd have to show some chivliry when it came to the Gorons.
All of this occured to her when Max mentioned his desire to go to Death Mountain. The only plausible reason could be Tact's journey toward the cursed place, but could she honestly believe anything that Tact said? Due to his claims of meeting the old King of Hyrule, she refused. But there was no use in avoiding it, she'd be going to Death Mountain either dragged or by will. By the time she had gotten Max bandaged up she'd decided it was safe enough to take him back to her home in Zora's Domain. The trip was short, but still prolonged due to the sad fact that the zombie attackers had eaten her horse companion.

[[Skipp -->>]]

As Tayl and Max stood before the great waterfall that marked the entrance of Zora's Domain, Max seemed in awe. Staring up at the waterfall he didn't notice Tayl remove a small flute from her satchel and play a small tune. With the tune, the waterfall opened before their very eyes, and they crossed into her home. The stood in the entrance of a vast cavern, edging cliffs all around what seemed to be a giant lake of it's own. There once was a time where there were very few Zora in Zora's Domain, because they'd wander free in all the water sources of Hyrule; but this is not such a time. From the moment they entered over a dozen eyes stared at them, some with anger some with wonder. "Welcome to my Home.." Tayl said with an unenthusiastic tone. As soon as she spoke, gaurds came to take Max, at first he looked at her confused and with a hint of betrayl. "They'll take good care of you." she mumbled as she took a different direction.

She made it up the long staircase along the wall, up towards the Zora King's throne. As she entered she kneeled with utmost respect, not acting as if royal blood ran through her veins, not like she was the king's granddaughter; no, like a solider. "First you leave without permission to sacred grounds that you have no right to tred upon, then you bring a human to our sanctuary in a time of war?!" The king's voice boomed angrily at her. She made no sound nor movement, after a moment the king spoke in a calmer tone. "Your very life is a blessing and you think because we allow you to live you have a place here? You have rights? Do not forget that you are a solider, nothing more! You should stay in your place.." he ranted on, with disgust in his tone, she stood then. "I understand I've done my share of wrong, but do not let your hate for me blind you from the fact that I've earned my title, and have right to leave if I wish." She stared at him boldly, but not with disrespect.
Silence passed between them. "You leave in the morning, and don't you dare come back." the king ordered. She nodded and left.

[[WHOO! Long ass post. Hey Max, mind filling in some blanks? Hint: Infirmiry.]]
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PostSubject: Re: Home to Zora's Domain   Home to Zora's Domain I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2008 12:57 am

"the boy dosnt know what he's gotten himself into with that little half bread."
"oh grandmother hush..Leave him be"
a younger voice silenced the old womans shrill.
i slowly opened my eyes.
everything wellded together in a groggy form.
"look look grandma hes comming to"
as i sat up my chest felt was bandages that they had wrapped my wounds in
they reached down to my lower abdomen.
"hi." -way to intro duse youself maximus real classy-, my mind slapped me in the face no care for my headache.
"hi!!!, i'm mien niotan! such an honer to meet you!"
i put my hand to my head my head pounding.
"woah woah volume..hi im maximus"
i shook my head and looked at her..she looked somewhat like taylken but at the same time
her features seemed more bold.
she was at least 16. at the least.
the old woman god only knew how old SHE was..
"you ladies hit me over the head with a skillet in my sleep or what?"
he chuckled at his attempt at humor.
her face lit up.
"gah! grama hes so funny too!"
'So cute!' her minded echoed
i turned to get off my bed.
"i need to walk off my headache." i said pinching the nook of my nose
" no no no no no! you need rest and relaxation. lay down tell me about your travels! tell me about your adventures! come come tell me EVERYTHING."
sweat? "I really do need to walk the headache off though."
she put her hands against my shoulders
"no no no you cant, your not aloud out your concidered a 'danger' " she said giving a hidden undertone.
i sighed blocking out her mind that suddenly began bumbarding me b/c of her touch.
-Maximus dude this is low even for you.- my mind laughed.
yea yea but hell i need out you know how i am with rooms.
-what ever dude, haha!-
i raise my hand and held her chin lightly looking her in the eye.
"please miss niotan, i truly do need to walk if you would be so kind as to let me wander for a little bit i wont go far..i assure you that in return later tonight i will take you for a midnight stroll under the moon and then i shall tell you much of my adventures." a girly shrill escaped her.
the older woman just stayed in the corner and folded linnings giving the girl the 'your not buying this load of crock right?' look.
"well..." she pondered for a moment "i suppose it couldnt hurt as long as your head gets better." she smiled "but um..." she giggled slightly "you might want to put this on." she handed me a kimono type robe and winked at me. thats when i noticed that they had stripped away my clothing.
my face instantly glowed a dark pink, as i swiftly covered my 'bearings' with the sheets and slipped into the kimono..
'its not like we havnt seen it already' the girl and old woman thoguht in unison. i stood embarrased.
as i walked out i smiled back at them.

-haha!! way to go maximus! ah i dub you the pedofile of hyrule!-

i sighed.
as i made my way down the stairs slowly i heard a noise crash from below.
'that old oaf!' i chuckled.
wonder whats got her fired up?
he laughed.
"damn shes loud."

[[I'm going to the church like "I'm gonna kill him!" And you just pass me like nothing on a giant beetle!]]
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PostSubject: Re: Home to Zora's Domain   Home to Zora's Domain I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2008 4:45 pm

As she exited the throne room her head instantly stood in combustion upon itself. She was angry, and on the verge of tears at the same time; but by god is anyone around her would notice. She quickly swept one set of stairs after another to the bottom floor of Zora's Domain, where her home was, what her parents had left for her. When she entered her home hidden from the eyes of her people, she let out her hand and pushed a vase from the table; as it crashed to the floor she let out a shakey breath. 'That old oaf..' Her mind quited upon itself as her dark eyes became filled with tears. She wiped furiously at her face, hating herself even more.
'..first I lose my parents, then when I try to fix thing I lose my home..' her head was stuck. "If they want me gone, then I'll leave.. there isn't much left for me anyway.." she finally said, sighing. She looked around the room she stood, in it's untouched state she could remember before her parents died.. it hadn't changed much. She walked into her room and reached into the closet for her hooded cloak. Wrapping it around herself she could smell her father's old scent. She smiled som, and walked out and back into the open of Zora's Domain.

Walking along the narrow walls that led upward she spotted Maximus. She smiled some, to see him walking again cleared most of her fear for him, she knew coming here wasn't all for nothing. She called out to get his attention. "Oi!"

[[THERE! Haha, is your bed made?]]
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PostSubject: Re: Home to Zora's Domain   Home to Zora's Domain I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2008 6:09 pm

He dashed down the stairs untill she came into view.
he took a single bound close to her.
her mind seemed sorrowfull and yet glad to see him walking up and about again.
her eyes and nose a puffy pink, he knew she had shed tears but decided not to push on it...
"hey there.." he smiled. "quite the place."
she nodded in agreement.
"You know where i can get a fresh set of clothes? mine were torn up and they gave me this robe, its not exactly all covering." he gestured to his showing knees
she'd laugh at his attempt at humor.
"We share common goal, you and i."
i nodded understanding her hidden meanings.
This place seemed sacred the watters them selves looked as clear as crystals, somthign very rare indeed, the waters as well as the land has long been dead, but not this it seems to have held its beauty and youth in it.
"So." he finnaly stated cutting the silence between them, although the waterfall had done a fine job of that already.
"I'm guessing we're heading out early huh?"
Max sighed, his wings bothering him greatly b/c of there being tucked in so tight.
no doubt the medics saw them.
He smiled.
"so how about those clothes for me?"
i followed her as we walked briskly..

"so whats with the coat?"
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PostSubject: Re: Home to Zora's Domain   Home to Zora's Domain I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 5:46 pm

"The coat? Oh, I thought it'd be wise to wear if we're heading toward Death Mountain.." she smiled, pulling the cloak's hood over her head. She walked back downstairs leading him to her home. She knew there were some old clothes her father left behind, even if the didn't fit him they would at least give him the coverage he was looking for. As they enetered her abode she went into the bedroom, going through the dresser. "Oh, by the way.." she spoke as she pulled out some old garments from a drawer, "..we're going to one of the king's feasts tonight." She walked back into the main room, tossing him garments fit for the king her father was. "Though he doesn't like me there, I'm alowed to go by my Mother's status." she grinned, walking back into the room.

She stood there for a moment looking around before her eyes settled upon the closet. Opening the door she took a dress down from one of the shelves, unfolding it she held it up. The dress itself was a gentle tan, like the colur of aged scripture pages; around it was crystal blue satin that held the insignia of the Water Sages. Taylken stared at it with wonder and remember how her mother used to wear it at every formal meeting, dinner, and ceremony to show her pride for her people. She slipped the dress on with ease, having grown to her mother's size in all this time.

'..the greatest tresure to take out of this hellhole..' she thought to herself as she slipped the cloaki over the dress and walked back into the main room. "Are you ready to go..?" she asked as she headed toward the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Home to Zora's Domain   Home to Zora's Domain I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 8:20 pm

The garments had the lingering scent of musk.
She exited the room, as i changed into the new set of clothes.
He slipped off the kimono and dressed himself with the musky clothes.
He looked in the mirror. "wow." he whispered to himself in awe.
"It fits perfect."
He gazed into the mirror, looking at this image of himself that looked all to much like an illusion.
He wore a tight black tanktop on top of that he wore a dark longcoat that seemed worn down from the ages.
His pants were baggy but snug a smiled sprawled across his face placing the goggles that came with the garments on his head.
" Are you ready to go?" Taylken walked into the room.
I snpped out of my gaze and looked at her.
"yea, lets get going."
as i turned to leave she spoke, "hold on, you for got this." she tossed me my kattana but it was in a differnt carrier it wasnt worn and torn, it was in prestine condition. blue symbols dancing all the way to the tip of the seeth.
i unseathed the blade slightly to see it was polished and made clean with all its scratched. "Its almost brand new, how did you-" she cut me off.
"I needed somthing to do while you were in the infirmary, so i thought.." she trailed off.
"no no thank you i appriciate it." and with an exchange of smiles i strapped on my katana and we left.

As dinner went on everything was flawless, the food surpassed my speeddemon cooking by 10fold, the silver china was engraved with beautifull art, everything was just amazing.
conversation had gone on untill the kings voice boomed. "You imbacile!" He slapped the tray of food out of a servants hands, causing her to drop everything.
"I asked for 5 peices of whale hide! there are 4 in the plate!"
"i- im sorry you majasty." she bowed respectfully.
"no exuses you dispicable disgrace! how dare you-"
"hey! why dont you back of you highness?!" I spoke up interupting him.
an bone chilling silence rose with tension through every spine at the table.
"Hmph! You speak to me in that manner!?" his voice yelled.
I smile wiping my mouth with a cloth ridding away the sauce.
"Go easy on her is what im saying your higness, the girl made made a mistake."
i said with a smirk on my face.
"H-How dare you try and tell me how i do with my sevants! you ungratefull punk-"
I shrugged interuppting him once more.
"Lets just cut right down to the chase, its not like it would kill you to lose a couple pounds." I paused raising my eyebrow. "Then again, i dont know if theres any hope for you, your as big as the whale your eating."
He was red faced with rage.
"Enough! Guards! Kill him!"
"Aw, dinners over already b/c kingy is got his stockings in a bunch? heh heh, oh well." I shrugged giving him a wink before looking at the rest of the now chaotic dinning room.
"Thanks for dinner!" Igrabb taylken's hand and jump from the table to a higher level.
Guards came from left and right, I hoped up on the railing Taylken at hand and jumped to the other railing on the other side of the ball room. we crashed through a door and climbed up the spiral stairs that awaited us. as we reached the top the the platform was empty. "If were never comming here again lets have them remember us in the books." i spoke over all the commotion that echoed through Zora's Domain.
The ceiling above was thin but sturdy it was at least 3 stories high.
The guards pilled in from the stair case surrounding us, they were equiped with leathal spears.
"Come on fellas no need to be so hasty." They let out grunts and moans as more and more of them piled in.

-I just love the escalation of the shit you get yourself into-
my mind spuutered out to me.

I pulled on Taylken's arm and asked her to hold on tight, she did so.
"Well, hate to crash your party and leave so soon but, iv got places to be." he gave them a solders solute with his middle and index finger, then whipped his arm into the air.
"Naro!" a ball of fire formulated in my hand its warmth resonating making my face glow its orange firey light, i then shot it into the the air with a great force and with that an earsplitting crash, burst a hole into the ceiling. gravel and dirt pouring in to the room as well as the morning sun.

-These guys are really of schedual, dinner in the morning?-
yea no doubt. i agreed with my mind.

With this i shot into the air my wings ripped through the tank top in simple even slits. they through there spears as well as arrows. But they were childs play, we reached the break in the ceiling and flew out into the day light filled sky. As we flew, Taylken layed clinginly to my back laughing.
When i finally slowed down her mind was going a mile a minute the thrill makeing her content that the king got what he deserved.

I spoke as i regained my breath.
"We went out with a bang huh?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Home to Zora's Domain   Home to Zora's Domain I_icon_minitime

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Home to Zora's Domain
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