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 Kakakriko village

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PostSubject: Kakakriko village   Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:37 pm

After a half an hour flight, the flight was silent and yet full with words.
Taylken had gradually gained the gist of how to communicate with me without physical words. But she used it rarely for she prefered spekaing outloud, we desided on the flight that we would only use that channel of communication durrign comabt or emergencys or just bluntly when we need to talk and cant be heard on. "Look up ahead! The village gates!" i hollered, pointing below us as the large set of stairs came close to us.
She eased over looking beyond my shoulder.
"I'm taking us down." We swoop down descending back down to the earth.
I set her down and sling my bag to the floor.
"well hello long walk up." he says after a long whistle.
"tell me again why we cant just fly into the village?"
She gave me a scuffed look. "Becuase would it look odd if two people so happen to appear our of thin air?"
I let out a sigh sighed while stretchign off the flight stretching.
"i guess your right."
I slung on my long coat that Taylken gave me back in Zora's domain, folding in my wings and coviering them from the light of day.
"Come on now lets get a move on." she persisted as we walked towards the steps unwantingly.
I take off my goggles putting it in the bag, ruffling my own hair.
With a forced smile i sling on my travel bag and we make our way up the stairs.
As we finally make it to the top, a brown wodden fenced gate lay before us.
"Well thats a new addition..How do we get in?"
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PostSubject: Re: Kakakriko village   Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:56 pm

After their long journey up the steps Maximus and Tayl reached a wooden gate marked with two gaurds. "Well thats a new addition.." Maximus noted, "How do we get in?" She stayed silent to his question, pulling the cloak's hood over her face. Already had the gaurds began to eye her, her skin pigment and eyes drawing their discrimination. "We must be discreet." she muttered quietly stepiing forward towards the gate.
As they approached the gaurds stood tall, continuing their inspection of the two. "What is your buiness here?" one of them had asked. Tayl began to fumble, with her mouth open no words came to hear. "We're here for rest." Maximus blerted, seeing Tayl's obvious discomfort. The gaurds stood looking to eachother then back to them. "Rest at such a time as this?" One prodded; "This is a time of war, boy." The other stated. Tayl saw that they were going to be difficult, she raised her head slightly to meet their eyes. "Please.." she spoke "We mean no trouble, we've been on foot for days." she hoped it would work. One of the gaurds tapped the gate and it opened, "You are to stay here no more than two days."
Tayl breathed a sigh of relief and dragged Maximus by the arm is a hurry. Once out of hearing distance she spoke with haste. "Let's get into an Inn before they figure out who I am.."

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PostSubject: Re: Kakakriko village   Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:09 pm

Elia leaned against the outside wall of a store, a fair distance from the gate. She had stopped in this town in search for food and a place to rest some days ago and had yet to move on. She was traveling alone this time, much to Seth's displeasure. He thought she would get injured if he wasn't next to her. She had brushed off his brotherly concern easily though, and left. She had been traveling for a week when she arrived at Kakakriko. She had stayed at this town longer than usual for some unkown reason. As she contimplated this she saw some movement near the gate in her peripheral vision. She turned to look at it straight on, focusing carefully because it was far away.

She wathed as a girl and boy entered, the girl dragging the boy. She raised a brow at the girls expression and interesting appearence. They were both rather different looking. The walked her way but were still a fair distance away when the girl spoke. There for Elia only her voice, not what she spoke of. She was curious however, and studied the pair intently. She couldn't care less if they noticed, she wasn't one easily embarassed. So she looked at the aproaching pair, debating the pros and cons of speaking to them. The only cons she could think of was them being hostile. That wasn't much, considering she had her sword in it's hilt around her waist, so she could eaisly defend herself if need be. Using not only the sowrd but other abilities. Elia kept a weapon on her in strange places, much to the towns-peoples displeasure. The two didn't strike her as people who attacked for no reason though, so she wasn't tense. She only felt curious.
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PostSubject: Re: Kakakriko village   Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:49 pm

she spoke with haste. "Let's get into an Inn before they figure out who I am.."
Maximus scurried along with her untill briskly but still rushed.
Up ahead an old building came into view with a faint light inside and a small sign on the window that read 'Sunset inn'
The name sounded homey enough.
-your worring weither or not the bloody motel is homey? Max come on your on the run...not shopping for a new couch- My mind yelled at me with a grumpieness.
Exuse me for not wanting to be stabbed by some kinda of addict lookign for Rupees. i replied returned.
-hey what ever floats you boat- his mind commented floating off.
"This way." max took controll of the direction and pulled her towards the inn.
They entered calmly and walked up to the attendeance ladie who seemed awfully old to be workign in a dump like this, was too old to be workign.
Max gazed upon her white hair and her yellow-ish brown eyes.
"and how may i help such an adorable couple."
I blush and start tripping over my words as i notice that me and taylken still had our arms hooked.
i pulled my arms away and waver them side to side attempting to explain.
"n-no uh me and- were not togeth- well what i mean is- me and her are-"
The old woman gave him a look of confusion.
Taylken interjected. "Me and my fiance would love a single bedroom for two." she hooked arms with me again and smiled.
the old woman at the desk turned around and picked out a key placing it on the desk
"that will be 30rupees deary" her sweet shrill voice said.
Maximus reached into his bag and handed her the money.
"Have a pleasent stay you two" she smiled and wavered at us as we climbed the stairs.
Taylken unhooks arms with me as we come out of sight of the woman.
"what was all that about?" Max asks confused and baffled at taylkens behavior.
She smiled with a slight laugh. "There was a 20rupee discount for married guests." she winked, unlicking the door.
We got settled in and comfterable i layed on the small dusty couch that sat just next to the balcony, the room was small but well kept the bed was a queen sized. Taylken sat poloshign her staff. The sun had just set and the room began to get dark. "i'll light some candles." i spoke heaving myself off the couch searching the room for matches. He found them inside one of the kitchen drawers. he went around lighting the lanturns in the apartment. An air of confusion escaped Taylken, as she wacthed me for a moment. "what none of your pirate magic?" she comented.
as i lit the last two candles i smiled. "Can't use it all the time yknow. Its a strain on my body i could become very ill if i overused it" i stated in an explaining tone. "Besides.." i added. "It's nice to do things on my own." Max walked to the kitchen and threw together some sandwhiches that were in the cabinates. I placed her sandwhich in a napkin in front of her. Taylken set aside her staff, picking up the sandwhich enjoying the bites. "How did you learn to cook so well?" she asked mid-chew, wiping a smige of saliva from the corner of her mouth while speaking. "Mmm" i held my hand to my mouth in a pause. "Old lady Agatha, taught me alot of everything, she used to say that if i learned how to cook and not get food poisening then i was a king..heh heh i tell you i must have been a bottom feeder at one point." i laughed recalling memories of old woman agatha. Taylken caught his empty morbid sigh at the end of his laugh. "Where is she now?" I stoped chewing for a moment, thinking about Ren and sasha back home. This didnt help any as the silenced filled the room her thoughts grew feelings of guilt and wanting to say somthing but i brushed the thought off.
"Taylken, when we awaken the sage in death mountain, i need to make a detour back to the market place." She nodded in confusion. "I understand. you must dont what you must."
As the night went one me laughed remenacing i shared stories abotu ladie agatha and memories with Ren and Sasha with such ease. We laughed pleanty enjoying out empty plates and the warmth of a substantial room.
They fell asleep by late evenign around 1am or so...

"GET UP IN THERE! ! !" a grunted voice bellowed from behind the door.
i hit into fight or flight mode, Taylken shot up also wastign no time in packing our belongings in quick haste. I rubb my eyes and upen the door. "Good mornign officers, may i assist you in some way?" i asked politly and kindly. "Times up, get the hell outta our village!" I bit my lip not wanting them to see Taylken, she wore a tank top and the tights of her dress she skin exposed and brilliantly blue.
"Sir you said we had two days." i stated calmly.
"well that was yesterdE" he barked putting enphisas on the 'E'
i shook my head "well give us an hour to pack our things-" the large armored man cut me off grabbing my arm. "YOUR IS LEAVIN NOW I DUN WANNA HER IT!"
The rules abotu fight or flight are easy, run and go alon with it or fight and do what you've gotta do in our case we had to hit both keys. 'were packed!' taylkens mind yelled. "good" i said out loud confusing the man. "Lets get the hell outta here!" i sent my palm to his jaw stummbling him back a few steps her came bargging through the doors "why you little!" he went to grabb me, i leaped almost elegantly over him sending him a spin kick to the back of the head cuasing his head to back into the wall. The second guard came in flushed red, ready for battle. Taylken through my my katana from across the room i caught it reapeating my leap over the man taylken tripped himwith her staff leading to him toppling on top of the other we storm outta the hotel like bats out of hell, taking large bounds down the stairs and out the door. "GET THOSE ROTTEN SNOT NOSED BRATS! ! !"
the guards sounded a whistle.
-fuck no one like you two huh?- my mind comments to me with truth.
I laugh as the wind rushes against us, about 13 guards already waiting for us. "Talk about service." imeantion to Taylken as we put up our stances. Iraise my hands "hey we dont want any trouble we're just wearly travels." I say innocently, the kattana at my waste and the bowstaff on her back didnt help the cuase. The gaurd pointed there javalens at us. "well we tried to reason right?"
the mountain was just to the left of the village. I do a back flip kicking a guard in the face, i catch his spear spinning it. Taylken elmiminated two guards with gonks to the side of the face, we regroup still i nthe center of the circle. "follow!" Max yelled the noise of the village escalated, some spectators actuall had pitch forks and torches ready to attack us if aid needed. I run fowards towards the left side of the circle knocking the wepaons out of two of two guards hands. Taylken spin kicking both of them in the face. We bound towards the mountain a tall metal gate comming quickly into view. Taylken having my bag and her bag tightly to her back i toss the javalen i took and grabb her takign a tall bounding leap over the gate i set her down still runing not slowing down for breath. "You ok?"
She nodded.
We bounded but the gained on us quickly bloody fools musta torn down the gate.
as we run a small figure coems into view.. "haha! no way! Taylken you'll never guess who that is!"i yell. she mind was sour and sweet of the thought of the boy. he slowly becomes larger as we get closer. we run not stoppign for formalities. "HI! BYE!" i scream towards him as we zoom past him. the mob gaining but withering down to few people.

What ever did happend to great hotel service?

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PostSubject: Re: Kakakriko village   Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:24 am

[[I'd just like to duely not that that post was so ridiculously long and had no many errors it took me twice as long to read it. By the way, It's YesterDAY, with an AY, not and E.]]

[[You know I fucking love you.]]

Making their escape they headed toward the broken gate that lead up toward Death Mountain. As they ran they came up on a person coming down, as they neared Maximus called out to her "You'll never guess who that is!" but in her mind she already knew. In a sweet and sour way she was still pissed at him, but by now it had nulled to a slight grudge; as they passed him with all hell trailing she kicked him in the shin. A nice vent for her frustration, she could say.
You'd never think someone could actually think about much while they we're running for their life, let alone the consequences for what they've done in the past two days. As she ran with Maximus her mind subsided as she began to see what would happen to this village when they left. Pictures, posters plaqued with their faces on them, the innocent Maximus and the hated Zora heir; even now weather they knew what she was or not, someone would reconize it.

--->> I'm editing the post. The Mountain Half I'm reposting as Death Mountain. No senses to have a mountain post in the village!
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PostSubject: Re: Kakakriko village   

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Kakakriko village
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