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 Hyrule Handbook

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PostSubject: Hyrule Handbook   Hyrule Handbook I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 10:16 pm

Don't know much about the Zelda world, but need a basic guide?
Well, I've taken the time to make one for you..

Hyrule Handbook Hyrule-1

Hyrule is a basic world made up of thirteen places, listed:

• Gerudo's Fortess
• Gerudo's Dessert
• Lake Hylia
• Lon Lon Ranch
• Hyrule Castle
• Castle Town Market
• Kakariko Village
• Goron City/ Death Mountain
• Zora's Domain
• Zora's River
• Lost Woods
• Kokiri's Forest
• Deku's Tree

Like every world, Hyrule is made up of three races, all with cultures of their own.

Hyrule Handbook Zelda_Project___Zora
Zoras primarily reside in the Zora's Domain, while some may appear in Lake Hylia. They can exist both in and out of water, but they are best adapted to life in the water. The Zora race is known for their light blue skin and fins coming from their forearms and legs. The only known weakness for a Zora is heated places and fire. Zoras shown no particular culture other then a simple rule under a King or Queen of their time.
Hyrule Handbook ZorasSapphire
Also, in order to marry in the royal line you must give the Zora Sapphire to the one you intend to marry. A long time ago, Princess/Sage Ruto gave the Zora Sapphire to Link as a gift for rescuing her and as an engagement ring.

Hyrule Handbook Zelda_Project___Goron
Gorons live in Goron City on top of Death Mountain. Their major source of food is rocks from Dodongo's Cavern. Gorons are known for their rock-like appearence and odd sounds when communicating. They have a weakness when it comes to any body of water deeper than a foot, they sink like rocks. Gorons have a simplistic tribe-like culture, ruled by the domesticated king for their time.
Hyrule Handbook GoronsRuby
The Goron Ruby is the Goron Tribe's treasure, they hold it symbolic and display it freely in their city for all to see.

Hyrule Handbook Zelda_Project___Deku_Scrub
Dekus had leaves on their heads, red glowing eyes, and short, wide, mouthes that are hollow tubes which can't shut tight, preventing them from being able to swim without drowning. They could shoot nuts out of their mouths, similarly to how Octoroks shot rocks. Dekus had bark rather than skin, and were possibly made entirely out of wood; they perished quickly if set on fire. Deku Scrubs typically lived inside Deku Flowers, and sprang out of their flowers momentarily to attack any intruder. Upon initial damage, Dekus popped out of their grounded, floral homes. Dirived from Dekus are Kokiri which are small children who live under the Rule of a giant Deku Tree.
Hyrule Handbook KokiriEmerald
The Kokiri Emerald is held by the Great Deku tree, though most of the children have no clue as to what it really is, Dekus are symbolized for it.

There ye go. <3
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Hyrule Handbook
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