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 Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana

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Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana   Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 8:03 pm

Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana Celsius-320x500

Taylken L. Rutana

Tayl, Ruta


Daughter of Nikolas Lykiin the Gerudo Prince and Milora Rutana the Zora. [Both Deceased.]

She was born within the walls of the Zora's Domain; but often raised under the sun of the Gerudo Desert.

Her hair is coal black, her eyes dark blue. Her skin the color of the crystal waters with markings along her body that grew with her age. She is simply dressed in gold white and blue.

Special Abilities:
Being born between two races, one of water the other of land she can easily survive on both types of terrain. Since her mother and father feared she would become weakened by either she was trained in both fighting arts of the Gerudo and Zora gaining both elegance and strength.

Though she dislikes things such as swords and firearms, she sticks with a boestaff that was passed down by the royals of the Zora tribe to their most prized fighters. Engraved with shards of the Zora Sapphire and gold hand carved, it's both durable and priceless.

Magical Abilities:
Due to her family blood she can command water and any of it's forms just as easy as she can breathe.

Tayl was born of the forbidden love between a Hylian and a Zora in the time known as the 'Chaos Period' in Hyrule. Against her mother's wishes in order for Tayl to stay alive she was to be used as a solider and not a normal citizen of the Zora's culture. Her father, Prince of the Gerudo, had settled an agreement in which he promised his daughter would be the finest fighter in the King's army if she was to be trained in both arts; but to do so, the two tribes would have to join sides. With this in agreement everything was done as ordered and not only did Tayl fight for her people but for her parent's approval. On the day of her 13th birthday she was awarded one of the sacred staff's of the Zora warriors, but alas the same day enemies of the Fire Tribes [Gorons] attacked her home and her parents and most of her people were murdered. Now she seeks revenge so her parents can be put to rest with honor.


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Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana   Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 8:08 pm

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Character Profile: Taylken L. Rutana
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