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 Character Profile- Arrow

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Character Profile- Arrow Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile- Arrow   Character Profile- Arrow I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 13, 2009 9:27 am

Name: Arrow

Nickname: None

Age: 19

Relatives/Family: His mother

Hometown: Kakariko village

Appearance: He is rather tall and thin, all muscle and sinew in a lean and flexible body. He has black hair and red eyes, as well as lightly tanned skin.

Special Abilities: Because of his Sheikah heritage he is well trained for combat and is very flexible and agile. He can jump to high places, scale walls, move soundlessly and dodge attacks easily and many other things, such as using Deku nuts for a quick and seamless escape. Also, being a Sheikah, he has the hereditary red eyes that can see into the spirit realm and see truths when all others see illusion.

Weapons: Daggers, throwing knives, deku nuts, and the brute force of his body

Magical Abilities: Shielding and Protection

Bio: Arrow is the child of a Hylian mother and Sheikah father. His father (the reason for his Sheikah heritage) originally hailed from Kakariko village and served the royal family. But his father became greedy and lusted for power and attempted to assassinate the King. In the failed attempt, he was banished from Hyrule and joined up with a tribe of Sheikah who had similar tales to his. His mother travelled with his father for a while before she became disgusted with her lover’s disgraceful act and left him. Once she had left him she discovered she was pregnant, but she opted to raise her child without a man, instead using the help of a Sheikah woman named Ira, in order to keep the Sheikah culture alive in her son. When Hyrule began to fall apart the two women tried to come back to their home. Only Ira and Arrow made it there, his mother having died from exhaustion because she did not have the training and discipline of the Sheikah.

Arrow and Ira lived in Kakariko village for a while after his mother’s death before he had a vision. He was visited by a woman so beautiful that her skin shone gold and her aura shone a deep blue which was so radiant it nearly blinded him. She told him that he had been chosen by the goddesses and it was his destiny to help aid in saving Hyrule. He responded in confusion but she merely pressed a soft finger to his lips to silence him and left him with a mission. “Seek out he who holds the legendary weapon, the blade with which all evil is slain. It is with him that your true fortune lies and you shall fight for him as is foretold as your destiny. Now go forth my son, aid in the hero’s journey to save the land. It is your fate”. With these words he sets out to find this man who wields the Master Sword of legend and help him bring Hyrule to a time of rebirth and prosperity.

Personality: Arrow was trained from the moment he could speak and walk to become a powerful Sheikah and show that he is not the same man his father was. That was his motivation and it led him to become a fine fighter. He is quiet and a bit of a loner, preferring to sit in nature and play his harp then to spend time with others…or, at least, that’s what he wants people to think. He’s actually a pretty lonely guy who seems a bit stand-offish and, at times, unapproachable. He’s constantly lost in thought which sometimes makes it seem as if he is ignoring the people around him. He constantly regrets not being able to save his mother and he wants to make friends but he’s only ever been around his mother and Ira (whom he calls Master) so he doesn’t know how to deal with people. He’s actually quite shy. When befriended, though, he’s a quick witted and rather sarcastic guy (but that’s how he shows his affection) and he’s actually quite easy to get along with though he can be a bit stubborn. Once given a mission he would rather die then abandon it so he’s also very reliable. A trustworthy friend and powerful adversary.

Other: Arrow was born with a blue triforce symbol upon his right shoulder-blade and has therefore been christened “Son of Nayru”.

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Character Profile- Arrow
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