The Forgotten Land

Roleplay for The Legend of Zelda.
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PostSubject: Storyline   Storyline I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 10:47 pm

Our Story takes place many years after Hyrule was challenged by the dark forces of Gannon. AS the Legend goes, a boy from the Kokiri Forest came to take the Title of The Hero of Time banishing Gannon with the sword of Evilís Bane. Though there are many ideas of what may have happened to the Hero of Time, no one can truly explain his disappearance from Hyrule. As for Zelda, after many years she as well disappeared.
Without explanation to their princessís disappearance, the peopleís hope wilted away with the years. Soon all the values of the land crumbled and the people began to lash out. Staking land in the name of their tribes, they blamed everyone else for their lands downfall. In only a decade Hyrule fell to ruins. The peace that had been restored to land faded as fast as it came.
The Sages, who had been close to the Royal Family, became tired with the people of Hyrule and their constant quarrels with one another. Hiding their power away they chose to leave the land before more chaos erupted. Thus the land crumbles deeper into the darkness.
Shadows now eat away the night while the sun burns away the daylight. Monsters crowd the land and there are only legends of peace. Many believed those who could find the hidden power of the Sages, could find their Princess and the Hero of Time; but none dared to seek it.

But through the Darkness cut three young Heroes, who for whatever reason, choose to defy the fear and chaos. They seek the Sageís hidden power, and the potential peace that could follow. Whispers of their names cross from the towns.
Tact Eirghiez, a lad orphaned young and raised on the streets he seems to posses the Legendary Sword that vanished with the Hero years ago. He is mysterious and often thought of something worth dark power. He seeks training by the Gerudo, following the young heir to their tribe.
Taylken L. Rutana, hybrid child of the Gerudo Prince and a Noble Zora. She is reknown for growing up a born solider, and desires to bring peace back to the world that had crumbled at her familyís feet. Though her intentions seem peaceful, she is vengeful toward the Gorons and their tribe.
Maximus, unknown of any true origin, has fallen into their group as if without any purpose. He claims he was called upon by a Goddess to aid in saving Hyrule. He wishes to find the Sages and bring peace to the land so that one day Ren and Sasha may live in safety.

These three have conquered many trails, and defeated the dark monster that invaded the Water Temple on Lake Hylia. They were seen making their way across the field toward the Mountains.
Will they bring peace to Hyrule? Or will they fail...
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